Since 21 October 1999 it has been legal in New Zealand to apply film to any window on a vehicle except the front screen. The degree of darkness that is allowed depends on the classification of your vehicle. Generally speaking cars are allowed 35% on all glass except the front screen and other vehicles are allowed dark behind the driver. Please contact us for clarification.

At our tint shop in Plimmerton we can tint different vehicles with different types of tint depending on what your needs are. With 30 years of experience workmanship is guaranteed and the tints have at least 10 year warrantees.

Come in and look at the large photo display of some of the many vehicles we have transformed by tinting the windows.

Feel free to relax in the waiting room and have a cuppa while we tint your vehicle.

We also certify the glass with 35% VLT (Visible Light Transmission) stickers to help avoid any hassle at the warrant test or on the road.

An on-site car-tinting service is available for a $50 travel fee, however some conditions apply and we recommend bringing your vehicle in to get the best possible job.

Why window tinting is beneficial?


Prevent glass shatter.


Personal possessions are kept out of view.


Enhance the look of your vehicle, office, or home.

UV Protection

Protect your belongings from sun damage.

Reduce Glare

Prevent eye strain without effecting your view.

Why Choose Us

  • Over 30 years’ experience
  • Pick up & drop off service
  • Quality approved product
  • Full warranty on all our products sold
  • Seasoned workmanship

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